Grow your Jewish Brand with social media on autopilot

Grow your Jewish Brand with social media on autopilot

Who we are

Jewish Creator is a Jewish Marketing Agency that helps Jewish Rabbi's & Influencers Expand their Jewish Audience to social media utilizing Short Form Content & YouTube Optimization!

You just sit back and relax while we grow your brand on auto-pilot.

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Content Strategy

Strategising content is important in order to get 100% potential from your videos

Short Form Content

We have generated over 50 Million views just from short form content!

Personal Branding

Growing Your personal brand & keeping your reputation high is key to a Trusting & Engaging audience!

Shmuley Boteach's Journey With Jewish Creator

From Vision to 30K Subscribers

in 2 Months!

In just three weeks, Jewish Creator catapulted Shmuley Boteach's YouTube channel to 30K subscribers. This exponential growth not only showcased the effectiveness of our collaborative strategy but also underlined the immense potential for impactful content within the digital landscape.

No matter what platform you use, with Jewish Creator all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your brand go from zero to hero.


Elevate Your Brand with

Captivating Content

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